Because each bride and wedding is so unique and special, we would love to set up a free consultation to discuss the PERFECT start to your PERFECT day.

The Essential Perfect Start (any number of participants)

The Essential Perfect Start (any number of participants)


Start your wedding day present, energized and at peace. Prepare to soak in every last detail as you take this opportunity for you and your bridesmaids to ‘hit the pause button’ on what will surely be one of the most memorable days of your life. A unique blend of stretches, beginner yoga poses, guided breathing exercises, and cooling lavender pillows will allow each of you to enter into total relaxation before enjoying a mimosa and beginning your celebration preparation. Enjoy this last morning as a fiancée with those in your life who mean the very most to you! Side effects may include glowing complexion, heart centered connection, and increased memories of your wedding day.

Space permitting we can accommodate for any number of participants.

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