How to Mentally "Hit the Pause Button" on Your Wedding Day


We hear a lot about mindfulness on social media and in culture today. But, do we really know what mindfulness is? Research shows that mindfulness is good for our hearts, reduces cellular aging, and may reduce psychological trauma. It has been shown to increase our resilience in stressful situations. It would be tough to argue the fact that it’s good for us… but, what really IS mindfulness ?

The simplest way that I have found to explain mindfulness is that it is when we keep our attention alive in the present moment. Sometimes this is hard to do! We are creatures of habit and typically stay mentally distracted as we flutter from one responsibility to the next. But, what about the moments that stop you in your tracks? You know these moments and they are different for each of us… they are the moments that cause us to ‘wake up’ from the sleepwalking of our life. Mindfulness is the pursuit of more of those moments.

A wedding day morning is the perfect time to practice mindfulness. The stressful preparations and anxiety of preparing for such a huge event can cloud a brides’ mind and sometimes cause them to go into auto-pilot mode which causes them to ‘miss out’ on the present moment. Mindfulness calls us back and invites us to return to the present moment. It’s important to note that our minds will always become lost in thought, become anxious, or wander to the past or to the future. We only have control over the return. We can always return our mind to the present moment, return it to our breath, and return it to our senses.

A practical way to practice mindfulness on your wedding day is to check in with your body and to check in with your senses. Throughout your day, make it a point to notice the little things and fully absorb the details. Feel your chest rise and fall. Feel your grooms’ hand in yours. Observe your best friends as they all celebrate together. Listen to and process the words said in the toasts.

Check in with the moments as they occur and you will feel as if you’re hitting the pause button on precious memories that will be yours to keep and to treasure forever.

Inhale and feel the chest rise, exhale and feel the belly empty.

Inhale and feel the chest rise, exhale and feel the belly empty.