What is Mimoga?

Mimoga is the first of it's kind wedding day yoga and relaxation service designed to make the morning of your wedding absolutely perfect.
The morning of a wedding day is unlike any other morning - in the very BEST way possible. A joyful expectation of the life-changing covenant that is about to be made hangs in the air. The day ahead promises perfection. Everything about the careful preparation begins to feel ceremonious and beautiful. Those who mean the very most have come from near and far to shower with love, support, and celebration. There are few moments like these in life that should come with a pause button. How could something so anticipated be fully absorbed? 
That is the inspiration behind the first of it’s kind wedding day yoga service - Mimoga Events.
Once the Mimoga session begins; breath is found, hearts are settled, tensions are released, and figurative ‘pause buttons’ are pressed. The instructor demonstrates and guides participants through each movement clearly and provides options based on each individuals flexibility and fitness level. Safety and relaxation are of the utmost importance. For a few moments, the bride has the opportunity to find calmness in an experience with her bridal party that is truly something they will each remember forever. The gentle stretching, breathing exercises, and basic yoga poses can be a pathway to connecting mind, body, and soul. Mimoga truly is the perfect start to the perfect day.